Christmas returns to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Christmas arrives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife this year with complete normality, as announced by the Councilor for Fiestas, Alfonso Cabello. This is the first Christmas festivity since the pandemic that can be organized without any restrictions.

Within this normality, the team of the Autonomous Organization for Festivities and Recreational Activities works on a Christmas program that involves various activities such as markets and shows to set the mood for Christmas. “It seems that we are finally going to have the Three Kings Ride on its traditional route,” says Cabello.

The traditional Christmas lighting

The Christmas period began on November 23, one day before the lights were turned on, with a program linked to the five districts. Cabello pointed out that with the turning on of the Christmas lighting, he went a little beyond the format that had been followed up to now. “We are working with special care to turn on the Christmas lights, which has become a benchmark, and that is why we are working in an almost mini-gala format. We want to transform it into something else.”

Regarding activities such as traditional markets, the mayor of Fiestas details that different markets are being considered around Christmas. “Without a doubt, the Rastro will be the protagonist on January 5, which returns with force after the restrictions. We will also have the already traditional space of the Alameda del Duque Santa Elena”.

The traditional parade of Los Reyes

The recovery of the traditional Cabalga returns with a different format this year. “The only environment that might have something different would be that of Anaga, it would be something special with the pages, we are still seeing if we can do it. In general we are going to work with activities to invigorate the previous days with the royal pages in all the districts, but we believe that the tradition of the Parade with its route and the stadium with that full capacity, not even the Champions League final, are the main acts of our Christmas and we must give it the prominence they deserve”, defends the mayor.

As for the show at the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium, as every year they will work with the choreographic groups, rehearsing in pavilions to set foot in the stadium the same day their Majesties arrive. Packaged goods, Easter flowers with the shopping receipts, a toy library so that parents can do the shopping with peace of mind, and various activities to revitalize the commercial areas complete the design of a Christmas in which the traditional concerts return, such as that of Christmas at the Port Authority or the Cantadores in the Plaza de La de la Candelaria.

Source: Diario de avisos

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