Enjoy an adventure on the Los Gigantes cliffs

Los Gigantes definitely live up to their name. This tranquil vacation resort is best known for its remarkable cliffs that soar into the sky and plummet into the deep blue sea far below. No matter how many times you see this impressive natural attraction, its dizzying height will always leave you in awe.

If you want to witness these impressive rock formations, here is a guide to everything you need to know to see the Los Gigantes cliffs.

Los Gigantes: a natural wonder

The Los Gigantes cliffs are part of the Teno Rural Park in the west of Tenerife, between Buenavista del Norte and Santiago del Teide, and are one of the most popular attractions on the island, after the Teide National Park. These huge cliffs are completely natural, rising approximately 500-800m above the water and plunging 30m underwater.

History of the Los Gigantes cliffs

The Los Gigantes cliffs were formed during one of the first stages of volcanic activity that created the island of Tenerife. The iconic presence of the cliffs you see today is the result of years of geological change and slow erosion caused by the sea.

Before the Spanish conquest in the 15th century, the Los Gigantes cliffs were known locally as “El Muro del Infierno”. This is due to its truly unique appearance, with dark red and brown lava popping out randomly. The cliff was considered the end of the world before Christopher Columbus proved otherwise.

How to see the cliffs of Los Gigantes

Stop at the best viewpoint of Los Gigantes

There are several viewpoints in Los Gigantes, but one is definitely better than the rest. On the way to town, there is a fantastic place called Mirador Archipenque that is perfectly positioned to see the Los Gigantes cliffs at their best. From this vantage point, you can see the entire town below and the enchanting cliffs that hug the coastline. On a clear day, you can also see the neighboring island of La Gomera.

Follow the Masca trail

If you love to enjoy nature, you can get a totally different view of the Los Gigantes cliffs by completing the Masca trail. This hike takes between 2.5 hours and 6 hours to complete, depending on your experience, and traverses some of the toughest terrain you’ll find in Tenerife.

Despite the challenge, the walk is definitely worth it, once finished you will reach the coast where you can enjoy a phenomenal view near the Los Gigantes cliffs. Hyperactive hikers can go back up the ravine. But if the walk has taken your breath away, you can enjoy a return trip in a water taxi.

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