How to enjoy the Christmas holidays in Tenerife

If you are tired of the cold, the humid and gloomy weather and the dark nights, you must spend the Christmas holidays in Tenerife! This beautiful island comes alive during the festive season, with twinkling Christmas lights, traditional Canarian festivals and upbeat musical performances. All this combined with a mild average temperature of 20 ° C, blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

Most of the locals wait until January 6 to enjoy the big Christmas celebrations, when the 3 kings parade through the streets delivering sweets and gifts to the little ones. With an increasing number of visitors, there are many other traditional Christmas activities that can be done in Tenerife.

To help you get into the Christmas spirit, here we share some ideas that will make you enjoy a magical Christmas Tenerife.

For lovers of good music

One of the biggest events that takes place every year on the island is the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra concert. This musical show, which takes place on December 25 in the port of Santa Cruz, is a great way to end the holiday in style.

Admission is completely free, buy tickets must be reserved in advance on the official website to avoid disappointment, as they tend to sell out quickly each year. If you can’t make it to the event or if you can’t get tickets, you can always watch the live video on the port’s website.

For nature lovers

In Tenerife it is also possible to enjoy snowy landscapes. Sometimes El Teide, the volcano in the center of the island, is covered with a blanket of snow in winter. When this happens, one of the funniest things is getting in the car to climb up the mountain, where the rocky terrain gradually transforms into a true winter wonderland. When it snows, it is common to see locals make little snowmen on the hoods of their cars.

For lovers of Christmas traditions

In December, almost all the municipalities of Tenerife create their own nativity scene. The Nativity of the Lagoon is considered the most spectacular for its complexity full of shapes and details. But all municipalities pride themselves on creating outstanding nativity scenes that make them worth a visit. In addition to the traditional nativity scenes made of wooden and plastic figures, some places on the island add a creative touch to their nativity scenes.

For lovers of special gifts

You will find many great gifts in the Christmas markets of Tenerife. The Christmas markets in Tenerife are not like the ones you are probably used to. Rather than overflowing with mulled wine, grilled sausages, and warm winter clothing like most Christmas markets in Europe, Tenerife’s Christmas markets have a lovely Canarian flair.

These markets are loaded with delicious Canarian cheese, traditional pastries, and locally produced wine, along with handcrafted jewelry, perfect handcrafted gifts to give to friends and family. In addition to the market stalls, these events are also often accompanied by traditional Canarian bands that play well into the early hours of the morning.

For lovers of the sea and the beach

You can also spend Christmas Day like never before by taking a boat trip along the island’s shores. You will be able to enjoy the splendid Canarian sun and see the majestic whales and dolphins giving you your own private show, it will definitely be a Christmas to remember.

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