Know the 5 benefits of playing golf

Golf is a unique sport like no other. The lowest score wins, the ball remains stationary when played, and you can wear a shirt and jeans to play. However, with all its quirks, comes a list of benefits that other sports cannot provide.

Golf has been defined as a sport to be played at any stage of life. It can be played from 5 years old to 85 years old. This makes it quite a versatile sport when it comes to the age of the player. It’s never too late to start playing golf, and here are 5 benefits of the game for adults.

1. Good for your body: The game requires its players to walk more than five miles during the day. It requires carrying or pushing a bag, and going up and down different ripples. This can be a great workout for the body, you can even burn up to 2000 calories depending on how flat or hilly the playing field is. Even if you are taking a cart, the golf swing itself is an exercise that works the whole body. Use arms, legs, and core muscles. Imagine the results if you do this exercise daily, or even weekly.

2. Good for your mind: As physical as playing golf can be, 90% of the game is mental. A round of 18 holes is basically a long mental exercise that makes you think constantly and forces you to focus on the task at hand. Golf can also help relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression.

3. Helps you make new friends: Golf is full of friendly, interesting and successful people. If you show up in a course with less than one foursome, they will surely end up paired with more. These people already have something in common with you, they love golf too! There are also other ways to meet golfers, you can sign up for tournaments or go to team events as a free agent.

4. Ability to play into old age: Golf is a low-impact sport, which means that it causes little stress or damage to joints and muscles. This makes it much easier to play in their old age, and an older person can play comfortably without worrying about extreme pain or injury. Many people boast of playing when they are old, which is a pretty good accomplishment to count.

5. Experience the great outdoors and help protect nature: Perhaps the most beautiful and amazing part of golf is where it takes place. Unlike any other sport, golf requires many acres and miles of land to play, and most courses offer an abundance of trees, animals, and other wildlife to enjoy. Golf courses provide habitats for animals and plant species to thrive, so simply by playing golf you can ensure that these parks remain intact.

Discover the best golf courses in Tenerife

The great thing about all these benefits of golf is that they apply to both experts and beginners alike, so get out there and play! We show you some of the best golf courses in Tenerife, so you can enjoy together with your family or friends.

Golf Las Americas

In the heart of the tourist area of ​​Tenerife is the beautiful Golf Las Américas. The course is beautifully situated between majestic forests and impressive mountains, creating a truly extraordinary environment for playing golf.

With rolling fairways and a variety of lakes and streams around the course, players can enjoy a fantastic round of golf. The proximity of the golf clubs to the largest city on the island makes it a great place to play during the day and have fun at night.

Abama golf club

For those looking to enjoy one of the most important golf courses in Europe, the Ritz Carlton Abama will be a must stop. As with most courses in the region, golfers will enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean. But what makes this field so special is its incredible layout.

Architect Dave Thomas created a masterpiece sympathetically fusing natural scenery with magnificent golf course design. Voted the best resort in Spain in 2011, it is an essential playing field on any golf tour of the Canary Islands.

Golf del Sur

Located just minutes from the airport, there is no better place to play than Golf Del Sur after getting off the plane. The club has 3 games of 9 unique holes which makes it an excellent round of golf. Along with the ocean views, magnificent sun, and sparkling golf, this location is hard to miss. So … why not get off the plane and play?

Buenavista Golf

The great Seve Ballesteros has made his mark all over the world of golf, whether in his playing days or with some of the incredible golf courses he has designed. Its creation in the northwest of Tenerife is going from strength to strength, and is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after golf destinations in the region.

The strong coastal winds make controlling your fight with the ball incredibly difficult, and it is a true test of skill even for the best players. However, don’t be intimidated by the prospect of a challenge, as breathtaking views of the ocean and year-round sunshine make this a fantastic destination.

Golf Costa Adeje – Old Course

With 27 glorious holes of golf, Costa Adeje is considered one of the best golf spots in the region. Its reputation as one of the best golf courses was recognized in 2003 when it hosted the Canary Islands Spanish Open, which saw some of the biggest names in the sport flock to the island for this prestigious European Tour event.

Amarilla Golf & Country Club

Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the Amarilla Golf and Country Club, perched high on the cliff, offers a breathtaking view of Mount Teide. The landscape is home to a large number of native Canarian flora and fauna, as well as an excellent golf course designed by Donald Steel. Steel has created a fantastic variety of holes between the edge of the cliff and the ravines that make up the spectacular geological history of Tenerife.

Royal Golf Club of Tenerife

The Real Club de Golf de Tenerife is the oldest course in Tenerife and the second oldest in Spain, so it has a rich history and golf heritage. The course has the Teide volcano as a backdrop, about 600 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the rich vegetation that predominates in the north, the Real Club de Golf de Tenerife is a fascinating route that will put even the best golfers to the test.

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