Playa de Benijo, the most beautiful beach in the north of Tenerife

Benijo Beach is one of the best beaches on the island, located north of the Anaga district, near the town of Taganana. It really is one of the best in Tenerife. Are you ready to meet it? What gives it its spectacularity is its surroundings, with those imposing grayish rock cliffs that seem to rise to infinity.

Escorted by the rocks of La Rapadura and Benijo, the sand of the beach is black and the services are non-existent. If you add to that the difficulty of its access -you have to walk, for about 15 minutes, a path that descends steeply from the El Mirador restaurant-, and that there is no parking, it is understood why it is a beach with little occupancy all day. year, despite its beauty.

The absence of shops in the area means that many visitors choose to bring their own food and drink to the beach. However, in the immediate vicinity of the beach you can also find some restaurants where you can try the typical food of Tenerife.

To put the finishing touch to a day at the beach, we recommend enjoying the sunset on Benijo beach. The last lights of the day falling on the rocks of Benijo will give an indelible memory of Tenerife.

It is recommended to be careful when bathing, as the currents can be treacherous in this part of the island. The recommendation is to take advantage of the hours of low tide, because if not, the strip of sand to walk or lie in the sun is somewhat narrow.

How to get to Benijo Beach

The only way to get to Benijo beach is by car. The TF-134 road will take you to the El Mirador restaurant. There you can park your car and take the path that goes down to the beach. It is a journey of about 15 minutes full of steps, but it is worth the effort to enjoy this authentic wild beach of Tenerife.

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