Tenerife: A paradise to vacation all year round

There are few places in the world with such a privileged climate as the one on the island of Tenerife. Its meteorological and orographic conditions result in a succession of unique landscapes in which it is possible to find large valleys, beautiful beaches and lush forests that invite fantasy.

Throughout the year you can enjoy a pleasant climate thanks to its mild temperatures without great fluctuations. Wouldn’t it be ideal to enjoy a winter vacation in this charming summer paradise? The temperature in Tenerife during the month of December varies between 19º and 24º, an interval that is repeated throughout the year.

Tenerife paraiso

Enjoy a holiday in the open air, full of long days with lots of light! The island of Tenerife is one of the regions of Europe with the most hours of sunshine thanks to its geographical position.

In addition, the trade winds make it possible for the climate to be so pleasant in the south of Tenerife. Although the location of the island is close to Africa, there are no seasons of extreme heat, as there are in countries and territories that have the same latitude.

The trade winds and the favored climate of the island

These are constant winds that blow from the poles of the two hemispheres towards the equatorial zones. In the case of the Archipelago, these air masses are picked up by the Azores Anticyclone, which also plays a determining factor in the favored climate that Tenerife has.

Tenerife Paraíso

These factors mean that in winter, when the anticyclone is very close to the island, there is greater thermal stability and less presence of the trade winds; while in summer, when the anticyclone migrates, the effect of the trade winds is greater and temperatures remain stable. For this reason, the climate of Tenerife is always pleasant, despite being geographically located in a subtropical area.

One of the most characteristic phenomena produced by the trade winds is what is known as the “sea of ​​clouds”. You can find this amazing effect on the northern slopes of the Islands that exceed 1,500 meters in altitude.

What should I bring in my suitcase when visiting Tenerife?

The island’s climate during December, as described above, does not decrease below 19º or increase above 24º. It is advisable to pack cool clothing in your suitcase that will help you combat the temperatures at their highest peaks, but also some warm clothing, especially for arms and legs, since temperatures drop is normal at night.

Tenerife Paraíso

Under these contrasts, you should not forget the sunscreen since, even on the least clear days, you run the risk of suffering from sunstroke by being exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time. How could it be otherwise, I can’t forget your swimsuit and some goggles for diving. Tenerife has amazing sea beds that you cannot miss.

The fauna and flora of the island is of great diversity due to two determining factors: insularity and climate. A fact that can be seen both on the surface and underwater.

Enjoy the beach all year round

The first image that many evoke of Tenerife is the beautiful blue sea. Indeed, our senses, when thinking of Tenerife as a holiday destination, are inevitably sprinkled with saltpeter, with extensive beaches that revolve around the wonderful and immense Atlantic. Virgin places of volcanic black sand.

Tenerife Paraíso

For this and several other reasons, Tenerife has become the perfect place to escape the cold winter and feel the warmth of the sun again by the sea. Undoubtedly a luxury destination that will delight those tourists who are looking for a massive dose of sun to replenish their vitamin D.

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