The House of the Balconies

This building was originally two separate houses built in the 17th century by a wealthy local family, and has since been joined to form a single house as a cultural complex. These large old houses have interior patios protected from the sun and therefore cool, with balconies made with the palm trees of the islands, creating covered pathways on the ground floor.

The style of these balconies is Plateresque, named for the work of the silversmiths, and inspired by the traditional architecture of Andalusia and Portugal. Because Tenerife has a temperate climate and has not suffered destructive wars, the islands’ architecture dates back to the Spanish conquest and is largely kept in good condition.

Historic Site: The House of the Balconies

The history of La Casa de Los Balcones begins in the 40s thanks to the efforts of its promoter, Mrs. Eladia Machado, an entrepreneur of the time and mother of the current owner. The Casa de los Balcones has become one of the most important architectural, cultural and artisan references in the history of tourism in the Canary Islands.

During the 1960s a tourist boom began, and Carlos Schönfeldt Machado, Eladia’s son, proposed the vision of turning the mansion into an artisan complex dedicated to satisfying the tastes of tourists with artisan products and souvenirs. The exhibition of drafts is transferred from the hallway, of what is now called “House of crafts Eladia Machado”, to a spacious room located on the right at the entrance of La Casa de Los Balcones. After some renovations, the beautiful interior patio was also available for visits.

A center for teaching and cultural development

Carlos Schönfeldt’s vision gives continuity to his mother’s efforts to create a center for teaching, promoting, disseminating and marketing artisan work. Under the direction of Carlos, important contacts are established with the tourism sector, Travel Agencies of the island and other companies in great growth that make Puerto de la Cruz, the first and most important tourist center in the Canary Islands.

During the 90s, the first floor of La Casa de Los Balcones was opened to the public as a museum. The owners decided to adapt the rooms to the Canarian lifestyle of the late 19th century. The space consists of a living room-library, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. It can be accessed by a narrow solid wood spiral staircase, directly from the patio. All rooms open onto an “L-shaped” corridor whose balcony, carved in tea, is the most significant example of the building’s architecture. 

A center for teaching and cultural development

Considered the most important artisan complex of drafts in the Canary Islands, the Casa de los Balcones combines architecture, history, traditions, folklore and artisan products. It is a place where you can enjoy not only its famous drafts but also the most unique museum spaces. If you still do not have plans for your holidays in Tenerife, we invite you to discover this wonderful space.

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