Roque del Conde: Hiking and adventure

Roque del Conde is a rock formation that is 1000 Mts. altitude above sea level. This beautiful place is located in Arona, Tenerife island. As a natural resource, it has a geological significance of great importance. It is known that the formation of the massif occurred through a geological process similar to those of Teno and Anaga.

Today the totally eroded formation is one of the many natural attractions that the island has. El Roque del Conde, an old volcanic cone, which gives a clear testimony to its visitors about the past of the island, being one of the first rock formations. If you are a lover of hiking or you like nature, here we show you the route you can to reach its top.

Departure: from the Plaza de Arona.

Length: 4200m. (One way).

Minimum height: 600m.

Maximum height: 1000m.

Slope: 400m.

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 2 hours 15 min (one way).

A natural space with great ecological value

Located above the entrance to the Barranco del Infierno Special Nature Reserve, El Roque del Conde is a natural space with high ecological value. The top of the massif is a watchtower that allows tourists to contemplate much of the south and southwest of the island.

The road to El Roque del Conde begins along an agricultural path, which served as access to the various lands in the area where they were cultivated (slopes and plateau of the massif). Cereals were the main crop. The many terraces on the hillside, the hamlet and the eras located at the base of the Roque are some of the vestiges of this agricultural activity.

Today, the initial path preserves a good part of the original cobblestones. Many parts of the path become visible when crossing the Barranco del Rey, until reaching the La Centinela pass. From that point the path becomes narrower and steeper until it reaches the top.

From where can you access the Roque del Conde?

The trail begins in the municipality of Arona, specifically in the Ventó neighborhood. However, you can also start from the Plaza de Arona. This square can be reached from the TF-511 road. Going up the Camino del Ventó from the left side there are signposts with the routes to Ifonche and Roque del Conde.

The route continues along a compact dirt road, and then continues along a narrow path that crosses the Las Casas ravine. On the way it opens between populations of tabaibas, green, lavandula, magarza and prickly pear, up to the Las Arenas ravine. The route then continues between tuneras until reaching a fork where “Roque del Conde” is indicated on the left.

Then you come to the Barranco del Rey, very steep and deep, located on the border between the municipalities of Arona and Adeje. Right at the entrance of this last ravine, the path zigzags along a narrow path that preserves its original cobblestones and in which it is worth noting the existence of large specimens of tabaibas and cardones up to its bed.

From this point you can see the contrast of colors that go from the grayish blue of the boulders, basalt walls and the reddish and yellowish tones of the sides that make the path.

The route to the top

The top of Roque del Conde presents a flat orography, like a table, where the marks and separations of stone rows can be seen. It is believed that these marks show an agriculture that, in the past, must have been of great importance to the inhabitants of the area. Once you reach the mesa del Roque, you can take one of the left trails that runs along the entire summit.

On the way you can enjoy spectacular views to the west side until you reach a geodesic point located at the top. From this point you can see the west side of the island. The wide visual basin allows you to contemplate from the Red Mountain to the Los Gigantes cliffs.

On clear days it is even possible to see the islands of El Hierro, La Gomera, La Palma and Gran Canaria. From this point and after enjoying the wonderful enclave, it only remains to return by the same route to the town of Arona.

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