Discover the magic of Adeje: The 6 best hiking routes for adventurous explorers

In the Heart of Tenerife, Adeje Stands as a Paradise for Hiking Enthusiasts, with its breathtaking landscapes and exciting challenges.

Here, we present to you the six best hiking routes, designed for those seeking a deeper connection with nature. From panoramic walks to mountain challenges, Adeje has something for every skill level.

Barranco del Infierno Trail

How to get there: Start from the center of Adeje and follow Los Molinos street southward until you reach Barranco del Infierno.

Distance: Approximately 8 kilometers (round trip).

Duration: Allow about 4 hours to fully enjoy this experience.

Difficulty Level: Moderate. Although suitable for most, some rocky sections may require extra effort.

Discover the natural beauty of the ravine, with waterfalls and canyons that will leave you breathless.

La Caleta – Barranco del Rey Trail

How to get there: Begin at the picturesque La Caleta beach, accessible by car or bus from the center of Adeje.

Distance: Approximately 10 kilometers.

Duration: Allocate about 5 hours to enjoy the walk and the beach at the end.

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate. Mostly flat, with some slightly steep sections.

This coastal walk offers stunning views and the option to relax on the beach at the end of the route.

Ifonche – Boca Tauce Trail

How to get there: Start your journey in the charming village of Ifonche, accessible from Adeje via the TF-21 road.

Distance: Around 12 kilometers.

Duration: Plan at least 6 hours to explore this unique landscape.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult. Altitude and steep slopes add a challenging touch.

Venture into forests and volcanic terrain while enjoying panoramic views from Boca Tauce.

El Roque – Playa San Juan Trail

How to get there: Begin in El Roque and follow the trail that leads you to Playa San Juan.

Distance: Approximately 7 kilometers.

Duration: Estimate about 3.5 hours to complete this journey.

Difficulty Level: Easy. Perfect for beginners, this route offers a relaxed experience.

Discover the unique combination of landscapes, from rural paths to ocean views on this versatile hike.

Taucho – Adeje Trail

How to get there: Start your adventure in Taucho and head towards Adeje.

Distance: Approximately 14 kilometers.

Duration: Reserve at least 7 hours for this more extensive hike.

Difficulty Level: Moderate. Suitable for intermediate hikers, with some challenging ascents.

Explore the diversity of landscapes, from green hills to rural paths, as you approach Adeje.

Los Olivos – Barranco del Rey Trail

How to get there: Start in the charming Los Olivos and head towards the mysterious Barranco del Rey.

Distance: Around 9 kilometers.

Duration: Calculate at least 4.5 hours to fully enjoy this unique route.

Difficulty Level: Moderate. With varied terrains, this trail offers a perfect balance between challenge and accessibility.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature, surrounded by ancient trees and the pristine beauty of Barranco del Rey.

Whether you are a novice hiker or an experienced nature lover, Adeje has a hiking trail waiting to be explored. Prepare your boots, camera, and adventurous spirit and immerse yourself in the magic of the Canary Islands. Discover Adeje with confident steps!

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