Enjoy the 7 best views of Tenerife

What do forests that no longer exist in most of the world, the third highest volcano on Earth, valleys where people still live in caves, and a surreal landscape that seems from another planet have in common? The answer is that you can find them all in Tenerife.

In this our blog article we want to show you the 7 most impressive views of Tenerife, which encompass the most spectacular and surprising landscape of the island. Discover them all on your holidays in Tenerife, if you haven’t made your reservation, don’t wait any longer! Contact us and we put at your disposal the best accommodations.

From the top of Teide

The best view of Tenerife can be seen from the top of the highest mountain in Spain, Mount Teide; a gigantic presence in the center of the island. On a clear day from its heights it is possible to see most of the other islands that make up the Canaries. And at night, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Tenerife.

To get to the top of the volcano you need a permit. However, there is a cable car that travels up to 500 meters high from where the views can really take your breath away. Once at the top you never know which direction offers the most amazing views; the Fortaleza to the north, the Teide National Park to the east or the Pico Viejo crater to the southwest.

Orotava Valley

It is a myth that there are great views of Teide from all over Tenerife. From the south of the island, the mountain is almost anonymous, hidden behind the wall of a crater. Once you move away from the south in almost any direction, Teide begins to impose itself on the landscape, so there is not just one exceptional view, there are many.

It was the famous explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt who considered the view of the valley of La Orotava to be one of the best he had witnessed anywhere in the world.

The Giants

A five hundred meter high rock wall, Los Gigantes, extends from the beach resort of the same name to the westernmost point of the island at Punta de Teno. They have a mythical appearance, which is why they were probably used as the backdrop for Clash of the Titans.

The cliffs appear even more spectacular up close from one of the whale and dolphin watching boats that ply the cetacean-rich waters between Tenerife and La Gomera.

It had to be in Masca

You cannot have a list of the best views in Tenerife without including Masca. In this viewpoint you can get the classic image taken from the heights over a town. From this viewpoint you can get many different scenes from there. In addition, it gives you an idea of ​​the narrow and winding road that you will have to nervously negotiate to get to Masca.

Las Teresitas Beaches

Many people are familiar with the photos of Playa de las Teresitas and its golden sands, with the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz, in the background. This view is often used in countless travel articles even when the article does not mention the beach. Never mind that the sand is imported from the Sahara, Las Teresitas looks fabulous against the turquoise water, especially when viewed from above at the Los Órganos viewpoint.

The Sierra de Anaga and the troglodytes

I could complete this top 7 list with different views of the Anaga mountains, the scenery there is so captivating. However, we can simply limit it to two views: The mountain roads through laurel forests and the small agricultural terraces on steep slopes that lead to the village of Chinamada, where many residents still live in caves.

Teide National Park

Although Teide draws the crowds, it is the weird and wonderful rock formations that form the bottom of the crater that really show how unusual and special Teide National Park is.

Endless lava plains and gently rolling copper-green hills, blue stone and peak-shaped rocks that change from red to orange as the sun crosses the sky. Suggesting the best place to have the best view can be totally subjective in Tenerife, so we invite you to discover for yourself the place with the most amazing views on the island.

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