Charco Los Chochos: a magical corner of crystal clear water in Tenerife

El Charco los Chochos, on the island of Tenerife, is a magical corner of crystal clear water to enjoy the sea and the sun. It has a depth of about two meters in its deepest part and has a stone staircase with a railing that facilitates access.

It is located next to the Charco de La Araña, on a very pleasant promenade where you can park your car in the vicinity of the Municipal Pool. From there you can take the Paseo Marítimo to where the skeleton of the Whale is located. Just below we find our destination.

Why is it called Charco Los Chochos?

In the past, the peasants of the entire region of the island would go down to the puddle to soak the lupins, which are popularly known as chochos. In this way they could extract the bitterness of this precious legume, which is usually accompanied with a good glass of wine.

It is suitable for all families and is also available for swimming throughout the year as long as the sea conditions are ideal. From this pool you can contemplate the impressive views of the Cliffs of La Culata, and on clear days you can see El Teide.

How to get to Charco Los Chochos

To find out how to get to Charco de Los Chochos, you must head towards the Los Silos Municipal Pool; Once you have passed the historic center of Los Silos, at the roundabout, turn towards the coast and along El Puertito Highway you will easily reach your destination.

Along the entire coast of Los Silos there are places to park the vehicle and through a comfortable and newly restored Paseo Marítimo. If you want to take a walk along the coastal area, very close to Charco de los Chochos, you will find Hornos de Cal, El Puertito, Playa de Síbora, Charco de La Araña.

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