Discover the network of trails in Adeje

Adeje is a municipality that offers hundreds of possibilities to enjoy. It has a wide range of activities to do in nature. From the coastal platform, dotted with small coves and beaches, the municipality ascends to the foothills of the Cañadas del Teide, although without a very deep slope.

Hiking in Adeje

One of the great pleasures that Adeje offers is the possibility of hiking. It is enough to put on your boots and walk along any of the paths that lead to the most beautiful and remote points of the municipality.

The paths of the summit speak to us with the vigor of a plethoric nature, of an exuberant pine forest, rich in pitch, with wide cereal plains. In them, sheep and goats were distributed, in the past, with agility and they did transhumance, to provide the best pastures for the cattle and of course, water, essential to live.

Currently, the roads of the middle are a support of the rural society of this municipality. They unite recollected and friendly nuclei. The comings and goings along these paths reminds those who walk it of numerous stories of dances, promises of faith, passing travelers, cattle dealers and many more.

The best tours of Adeje

Adeje has a network of trails, recovery work, promotion and dissemination of part of the natural and ethnographic heritage that are included in the topoguide.

Short Route (PR): Camino de Teresme, Boca del Paso-La Quinta, Camino de Ifonche.

Local trails (SL): Roque del Conde and Camino de la Virgen.

Finally, Adeje is part of the Anaga-Chasna Long Distance trail (GR 131), Vilaflor-Adeje section.

Boca del Paso – La Quinta: From Boca del Paso, this variant of the trail leads us to the NW, to the old farmhouse of La Quinta, whose origin dates back to the 16th century.

Camino de Ifonche: This traditional road connects the Ifonche area with the center of La Quinta, one of the oldest in the region, and forms part of the Camino Real that linked the upper midlands of Guía de Isora, Adeje, Arona and Vilaflor.

Camino de la Virgen: The Camino de La Encarnación is today called Camino de la Virgen, since, in gratitude for the many favors received, the town of Adeje promised to take her every year in prayer to her “old house”.

Camino de Teresme: The Camino de Teresme constituted a route of vital importance for the inhabitants of the municipality since it facilitated the transit of people and allowed the exchange of products between the coastal zone and the mid-range zone.

Roque del Conde: The Roque del Conde trail or “Roque de Ahiyo”, also known as “Roque de Ichasagua”, is a route that mixes the beauty of the landscape with the history of Tenerife.

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