Los Órganos: a unique place to dream and enjoy in Tenerife

On the wonderful island of Tenerife, where nature unfolds in surprising ways, Los Órganos is considered by many visitors as a hidden treasure that captivates adventurers in search of unique experiences.

This unique destination, located on the northern coast of the island, offers an exceptional combination of rock formations, impressive seascapes and an atmosphere that invites contemplation, ideal to captivate the eye of those looking for an extraordinary scene to photograph and save in the memory.

Where are The Organs located?

Los Órganos is located in the town of Garachico, a charming coastal town known for its rich history and colonial architecture. Garachico is located approximately 50 kilometers from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, offering easy access for those who wish to explore this special corner of the island.

What makes The Organs so attractive?

The uniqueness of Los Órganos lies in its rock formations that resemble musical organ pipes, hence its name. These natural columns, sculpted by the action of the sea and the wind over time, create a surreal landscape that leaves visitors speechless.

The contrast between the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the black basalt columns offers a stunning backdrop, are you ready to enjoy this wonderful natural space?

What can I do in Los Órganos?

Take in natural beauty: Stroll to nearby viewpoints for panoramic views of Los Órganos and the surrounding landscape.

Photograph the sunset: The sun setting over this rocky setting creates a spectacle of colors that is perfect to capture in unforgettable photographs.

Explore Garachico: After marveling at Los Órganos, explore the historic charm of Garachico, with its cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.

How to get to Los Órganos?

From Santa Cruz de Tenerife, take the TF-5 highway towards the north coast. Once in Garachico, follow the signs for the nearby viewpoints to reach Los Órganos. It is recommended to use your own transportation to explore the area comfortably.

Los Órganos in Tenerife are not only a visual feast, but also a place for introspection and delight in the grandeur of nature. Discover the unique harmony of this destination, where natural art merges with the ocean breeze. A unique place to dream and enjoy in beautiful Tenerife!

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