Tenerife North vs. South Tenerife: everything you need to know to get to know and enjoy the island

Tenerife is divided into 31 municipalities, which can be grouped into three large regions: Tenerife South, Tenerife North and the Metropolitan Area.

The Metropolitan Area encompasses 4 municipalities, where two of the most important cities of the archipelago are located: San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Tenerife Sur occupies 12 municipalities along the southwestern coast of the island, and Tenerife Norte encompasses 15 municipalities located on its northern coast.

Tenerife South

It is the most touristic area of ​​Tenerife, here are the popular corners of the island such as Siam Park or Jungle Park, as well as the towns most visited by tourists, such as Las Américas, Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje.

The south coast of Tenerife is a continuous succession of spectacular beaches, those that usually appear in tourist brochures and those that are especially frequented by visitors to the island. Here are the most popular beaches on the island, such as El Duque, Las Vistas, El Camisón, or Torviscas and Fañabé. As a general rule, they have calm waters, they are perfectly conditioned, and they are bathed in blankets of sand of all kinds, from golden sand, to black or greyish sand.

In addition, nature has gifted this territory with natural monuments such as the Los Gigantes cliffs, and beauties such as the Barranco del Infierno. South Tenerife also has a more hectic day and night life, it has excellent restaurants, terraces on the beach, and top-class nightclubs.

Tenerife North

The north of Tenerife is the greenest territory, with milder temperatures, and less tourism on the island, with a traditional charm that makes it unique. A territory where tranquility reigns, away from the bustle of the south of the island. An area of ​​small towns and hamlets, which overflows with history and culture in each of its corners. As the historic quarters of La Orotava, Icod de los Vinos or Garachico demonstrate.

The volcanic nature of the archipelago has given rise to a rugged coastline in this area of ​​the island, but dotted with extraordinary natural pools and small volcanic sand beaches, such as El Charco de La Laja or El Bollullo. In addition, Tenerife North is home to large natural spaces, such as the Masca mountains, the Teno Rural Park, or an important part of the Teide forest crown.

On the north coast of Tenerife there are wild beaches, without many services and very little frequented by tourists. In this area of ​​the island, volcanic sand and moderate to strong waves predominate. They are mostly isolated beaches, some of them difficult to access, ideal for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of other areas of the island. Perfect for those seeking tranquility.

The most popular beaches in the area are El Bollullo and Playa Jardín, surely the most touristy beaches on the north coast of Tenerife. In addition, the north of the island has an impressive collection of natural pools, some equipped for bathing, such as the Garachico pools, and others 100% natural and somewhat dangerous.

But beyond its natural charm and the stately atmosphere of its towns and cities, there is much to do in Tenerife North, such as a visit to Loro Parque, a walk through the Victoria Gardens, getting lost among the exotic vegetation of El Botánico or a dip in in Lago Martianez.

Metropolitan area

In the Metropolitan Area of ​​Tenerife are the two main cities of the island, San Cristóbal de La Laguna and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, two cities full of history and culture, where there is no shortage of museums, parks, monuments, cathedrals and theaters, which they follow one another in its old quarters and give shape to two of the best-preserved historic centers of the Canary Islands.

But in the metropolitan area there is also a place for nature, since here is one of the lungs of the island, the Anaga Rural Park, and one of the most popular beaches in Tenerife, Las Teresitas.

South Tenerife is the most touristic area, North Tenerife is steeped in tradition and enveloped in a stately atmosphere, while the Metropolitan Area concentrates the two most important cities on the island: Santa Cruz, capital city, cradle of the Government and the Administration of the island, with one of the largest urban areas of Tenerife; and San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a noble city, with stately buildings, churches and cathedrals, of a university nature, and which keeps among its narrow streets one of the greatest artistic, cultural and historical heritage of the Canary Islands.

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