The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife: a unique popular festival in Spain

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife arrived in the capital with its usual agenda. The popular celebration began its agenda on January 20, 2023. To keep up to date with all the events and activities that will be held within the framework of this great party, the program of the parties is broken down below with each of the contests and galas this year.

Murgas Infantiles: the contest began on January 26 with the first phase, the second was held on the 27th and the third on the 28th. On the other hand, on Sunday 29 a choreographic festival was held.

Adult Murgas: it took place from January 30 to February 1.

Final Murgas: took place on February 3.

On Saturday, February 4, there was a performance by musical groups, while on the 5th was the Children’s Queen Election Gala.

In the second week of February, the Gala for the Election of the Queen of the Third Age will be held together with the festival of groups for the elderly. On the 10th will be the Song of Laughter, on the 11th the comparsas will perform and on Sunday the 12th will be the costume and rondallas contest. The Fregolinos concert will take place on February 14.

Gala de la Reina: on Wednesday, February 15, the gala that many are waiting for will be held, the election of the Queen of Carnival 2023. The first representative in the history of carnival was Onagra Díaz Lorenzo, who was proclaimed the winner of the Election Contest of Miss of Carnival in 1935.

On February 16 will be the festival of La Zarzuela and on Friday the 17th, the Announcing Parade. The 18th will be Rhythm and Harmony and the 19th will perform Nifú-Nifá, the Fregolinos.

Day 1 Carnival: the so-called day carnival will be on Sunday, February 19 with various performances that are yet to be announced.

On Tuesday, February 21, there will be the famous Arena and performances by the Fregolinos and Nifú-Nifá.

Burial of the sardine: on Wednesday, February 22, the particular burial of the sardine will take place.

On February 23 will be the rondallas festival and on the 24th the Children’s Arena, in addition to the award-winning festival.

Day 2 Carnival: The second day carnival will be on Saturday, February 25, again with various performances throughout the city.

Finally on February 26 will be the end of the festivities with the performances of Nifú-Nifá, La Zarzuela and there will also be a fireworks display.

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