Is Tenerife again a safe tourist destination?

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 suddenly brought tourism to a standstill across Europe, preventing millions of people from traveling to enjoy their holidays. However, little by little mobility restrictions have been lifted, and many passengers have been able to seek safe destinations to enjoy their well-deserved vacations.

Tenerife is one of the safe tourist destinations where you can travel without fear of the coronavirus. In the first place, the pandemic has not had a great impact on the Island, and secondly, the Canary Islands government has implemented compliance with the anti-COVID-19 security protocols to guarantee that tourists’ time is totally safe. .

Among the various measures taken to ensure a stay free of coronavirus are projects such as the monitoring of passengers with applications (a project promoted by the UNWTO), a PCR testing project at the destination, and hygiene protocols in tourist establishments approved by The OMS.

All this is confirmed by different European countries that mark the island as a safe destination to travel and enjoy its climate, tourist attractions and gastronomy.

Measures to fly without fear

Getting on a plane and flying is one of the biggest fears tourists can have when traveling. Staying indoors for a long period of time with many people is not an attractive idea. That is why airlines are taking steps to reduce the risk of contagion on airplanes by incorporating appropriate sanitary protocols and measures (such as filtering and air flow inside the plane to ensure that it is always clean).

The Government of the Canary Islands together with the UNWTO have developed a kind of health passport with the idea that each passenger carries a QR code on their mobile with all their health data, including the PCR if it has been carried out. In the airports of the Canary Islands, different measures are taken to act as security filters:

Taking temperatures using thermographic cameras. With these devices you can monitor people inside the airport, knowing their body temperature.

Documentary control upon arrival at the airport. Based on the responsible declaration of each tourist.

Visual control by staff. Staff have received the necessary training to distinguish the main symptoms associated with the possibility of having COVID-19.

Anti-covid measures. Application of safety distance signs, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, protective screens, air renewal systems and increased hygiene and disinfection measures in common areas and bathrooms.

What you need to know to travel to Tenerife

It is necessary to know a series of rules to be able to move through the Canarian airports safely:

  • The use of a mask is mandatory throughout the airport, as well as at the time of boarding and inside the aircraft.
  • Respect a separation distance of 1.5 meters from other people (stickers throughout airports remind and facilitate the maintenance of this safety distance).
  • Use of hydroalcoholic gel for hand hygiene (gel dispensers are available at different points in the airport).
  • Follow the safety instructions on the signs and at the airport staff. No smoking.
  • Communication between the different airports on the islands is active, allowing you to move from one island to another quickly, safely and easily.

Tenerife becomes a smart tourist destination

The island of Tenerife starts from a previous situation in relation to the pandemic that is very positive. With a very low number of cases and infections controlled, adequate measures are being taken to meet the necessary criteria to be a smart tourism destination (governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability).

The tourist attractions of the island

Among the excursions with a safe destination, going to see dolphins and whales in Tenerife is an ideal option. The measures taken to reduce the risks are optimal, in addition to the fact that it is an outdoor activity. These characteristics make it a safe excursion.

The main measures taken against COVID-19 are reducing the capacity of catamarans to 60% of their maximum legal capacity, and the use of digital tickets for access. Freebird catamarans are the largest, so this reduction in capacity will allow the distance between passengers to be maintained.

Other measures that will allow you to safely watch whales and dolphins are the use of masks, disinfection of common areas every 30 minutes, taking the temperature before boarding, the use of mandatory masks for staff and passengers, and individually packaged foods.

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