Enjoy the golden sands of Playa Las Vistas

Las Vistas Beach is located in the Arona municipality next to the town of Los Cristianos, in the south of the island of Tenerife. From this spa you can easily access the seaport that bears the same name as the town (Los Cristianos).

This beach is very close to Playa de Los Cristianos, only about 150 meters separate them and you can walk from one to the other along the promenade.

Playa Las Vistas is considered one of the most touristic beaches as it is surrounded by apartments and hotels, while Los Cristianos beach is considered the town’s beach. However, both spaces have a high occupancy rate almost all year round.

Ideal for sunbathing and relaxing

Playa Las Vistas has golden sand. You can choose between lying on the sand to sunbathe and relax, or rent a hammock and parasol. The beach also has volleyball nets, should you fancy getting in some exercise if you fancy it.

Like Los Cristianos Beach, Las Vistas is characterized by being a beach with calm waters, ideal to go with children and at any time of the year, since on the southern slope of the island of Tenerife the weather tends to be good throughout the year. year. The beach has a breakwater that protects it and minimizes the waves.

Defined as “Accessible Beach”

Playa Las Vistas is one of the twelve beaches in Tenerife adapted for disabled people who use wheelchairs, which is why it is defined as an “Accessible Beach” by the Cabildo de Tenerife, with reserved parking, showers, ramps and walkways of access.

On the beach you will find a sign with some prohibitions: no access for dogs, throwing cigarette butts in the sand, using stereos, camping.

On the promenade, Paseo Las Vistas, you can find stalls selling drinks, some cafes and restaurants, a McDonald’s, in case you feel like having a drink or something to eat.

A guarded and safe spa

Very close to the beach is the car park in the seaport area, and it is probably one of the best places to park to go to the beach, but keep in mind that it is a paid car park. You can also wander the nearby streets and look for parking, which will take more time. Sometimes it is preferable to park a little further away and walk to the beach.

This Tenerife beach has a Red Cross rescue point and is a supervised beach with lifeguards. However, it is always recommended to be careful with the sea and observe the color of the flag that flies on the beach. Remember the meaning of the color code of the flag:

  • Green flag: suitable for the bathroom.
  • Yellow flag: it is advisable to exercise caution in the bathroom.
  • Red flag: bathing prohibited.

How to get to Playa Las Vistas?

From the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, take the Avenida Marítima TF-11 in a southwesterly direction, passing the Auditorium and the Fairgrounds. Continue along the TF-4 passing the refinery area until you reach the TF-1 southern highway.

  • Once on the TF-1 (direction Candelaria/Aeropuerto Sur/Los Cristianos), and after about 72km, take the exit towards Los Cristianos.
  • Join and continue along the TF-28 road towards Los Cristianos.
  • At the roundabout take the third exit, towards the TF-655, always towards Los Cristianos.
  • At the next roundabout, turn right onto Avenida Chayofita.
  • After approximately 1 km, you have to turn left at the crossroads, joining Calle Finlandia (direction Puerto de Los Cristianos).
  • You will come across a roundabout where you will have to take the second exit towards Avenida La Habana.
  • After traveling about 500 meters, you will come to a roundabout and you must take the first exit that goes down towards the port and in the direction of the Espigón del Benchijigua.
  • From this point you will see the port car park where you can park. If you are lucky and you see a parking lot in the surroundings, park and thus save paying in the parking lot.

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