Holidays in Tenerife: guide to discover 4 tourist destinations on the island

The Canary Islands are a surprise for the visitor who is willing to live an unforgettable adventure. Beyond its paradisiacal image of pleasant weather and beautiful beaches, Tenerife has enough variety to dazzle even the most demanding traveler. Mountains, forests, beaches, surfing, history and great gastronomy.

Are you planning to visit Tenerife? In this guide we offer you a good itinerary with 4 wonderful places that will leave you speechless.

Towns and coast of Tenerife

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a good starting point to start exploring. In this vibrant city, where the main streets are overflowing with tropical vegetation, we will get used to the leisurely pace of the islanders.

Pleasant visits in the capital are the Nuestra Señora de África La Recova Municipal Market, the Plaza de España, and the main streets of Castillo and Villalba Hervas. The city is small, so it is easy to visit in a couple of hours, apart from the museums you want to visit.

Another tourist destination that cannot be missed is the picturesque town of Candelaria, home of the island’s patron saint, the Virgin of Candelaria. In the square with the white basilica we will find a remnant of the history of the Canarian aborigines, the Guanches, since on the seafront are the statues of the Guanche Menceyes, each with their characteristic clothing.

A few kilometers to the south is Güimar, a town famous for its black pyramids surrounded by a botanical garden. This archaeological enclave is very curious, and although it is not one of the main attractions in Tenerife, I recommend it if you like to see old constructions and immerse yourself in the meaning they might have for the ancient inhabitants.

Teide National Park

Mount Teide is the hallmark of Tenerife. This towering mountain, surrounded by valleys of otherworldly landscapes, make up the highest National Park in Spain. I recommend spending at least one day discovering Mount Teide, as this park is much more than just climbing to the top of the mountain and taking a picture on the roof of Spain, at 3,718 meters high.

One of the best plans you can do on Teide is to spend the day visiting places like the big pine, the lunar landscape (where there are several routes to reach this curious place), the Roques de García, the San José mines or the stone of the rose and, just at sunset, climb to the top of Teide to admire the farewell to the sun.

Teide National Park can be visited in many ways, depending on what you are looking for in your travels, but give it enough time, beyond a bland express bus tour.

Anaga Rural Park

This park is quite a surprise for the visitor who expects everything to be black and desert in Tenerife, and upon arriving in Anaga, he finds a festival of greens worthy of the best of jungles. The fastest way to visit Anaga is winding through the roads of this area, visiting viewpoints such as Pico del Inglés, Cruz del Carmen, Amogoje or de las Ánimas.

Another way to visit Anaga is by walking along its trails. One of the simplest is the path of the Senses, at the gate of the park, although there are many others, such as the path of the Enchanted Forest, which will allow you to meet the people who live in this remote place (and that they are in a island).

As for essential places in Anaga, there are places like Benijo beach (especially at sunset), Taganana, or Las Teresitas beach, where you can enjoy the good weather in Tenerife.

North coast of Tenerife

A good place to start the tour is the university city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a beautiful town where you can enjoy the volcanic architecture, the wide streets and the hectic university life.

Another stop is one of the nerve centers of tourism on the island, the port of Santa Cruz. One of the most visited places is Lago Martiánez, the work of César Manrique in the city, where he has integrated a large pool with the volcanic landscape. In addition to this center of enjoyment, in Puerto de Santa Cruz I recommend taking a good walk around the Plaza del Charco, where you can breathe the real city, far from the big hotels for tourists.

Unexpected graffiti on the walls of old houses, the small port with its own battery to protect it, and the quiet flow of daily life give El Puerto de Santa Cruz a much more seductive character than a bland vacation town.

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