Bocacangrejo, a paradise full of hearts

The charming town of Bocacangrejo, a small town in Tenerife belonging to the municipality of El Rosario, is clearly in the hearts of its neighbors. Its inhabitants put all their effort so that the town is clean. Humane people with big hearts, who say hello when they go to buy bread or who stop you to tell you a story, fill the streets with live music and decorate the railings and floors that lead to their coves with paint.

These days Bocacangrejo has become a very fashionable place and with great popularity among tourists for this summer. Travel influencers like Guaripeta Camper or Viaja con Karole recommend visiting its narrow streets and give their recommendations to better enjoy the place.

It is clearly an effort to promote tourism in the area and to attract tourists to a place full of originality. Those who visit Bocacangrejo for the first time are surprised to find a small beach, traditional fishing boats, white houses and colored hearts. in a walk worthy of hosting an Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada parade.

You can go from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Boca Cangrejo by bus and on foot. The duration of the trip between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Boca Cangrejo is about 15 minutes and covers a distance of about 10 km. Operated by Titsa, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Boca Cangrejo the service departs from the Sta.Cruz Interchange and arrives at Boca Cangrejo.

698 services generally run weekly, although hours on weekends and holidays may vary, so check in advance.

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